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Yosamity Sam

We have many options if you want to send free ringtones to your phone. Here’s one of our free mobile ringtones that’s certain to bring back fond memories of Saturday mornings spent in front of the television. Yosamity Sam wants you to know it’s time to “say your prayers, you lop-eared varmint, and open up that new text!” Maybe Bugs Bunny would be willing to argue with the armed and dangerous Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies gunslinger, but we suggest you do as he says. This funny ringtone sounds just like Sam did back when the famous Mel Blanc voiced him in more than 30 cartoon shorts. He may be angry enough to scare a hare at forty paces, but you’re sure to get a double-barrel of laughs with every text message after we send free ringtones to your phone like good ol’ Yosamity Sam!

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