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Who Is Your Bad Girl?

There is something to say for simplicity, getting right to the point and the expression “less is more.” Well-worn clichés they may be, but they ring completely true! “Who Is Ur Bad Girl” is a tantalizing and seductive free ringtone that asks a simple question and invites you to find the answer. We could all use a little “play” in our day. This ringtone certainly achieves that by having your cell phone ring you with a suggestive question posed by a breathy and alluring voice that will surely turn heads. It’s one of many unique free ringtones for Tmobile and other carriers available right now at cellware.com. It’s also fast and easy to download. Follow the quick instructions to get free ringtones for Tmobile, Sprint, AT&T and others. Don’t forget to switch your cell phone ringer to vibrate before entering that important meeting; it’s an after hours kind of ringtone!

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