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Who Dat Is

Do you like chipmunks? We’re not talking about just any chipmunks here. We’re referring specifically to Alvin and the Chipmunks. You may be a fan of those fuzzy and talented members of the squirrel family who can groove, play instruments and sing as if they’ve just inhaled a gigantic helium balloon. If so, then you’ll love this oddly amusing free cell phone ringtone that has a cool beat and features your favorite chipmunks rapping. It’s doubtful you’ll be able to find funny ringtones like this at any other place where you can download free ringtones. The image of Alvin with his baseball cap turned sideways, jeans hanging so low you can see his tail and wearing heavy gold jewelry he can hardly support on his furry little body is so cute that you can’t pass up this one of our 100 free ringtones. Follow the download instructions below so you can find out “Who Dat Is” and download free ringtones for your cell phone!

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