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Trapped In The Phone

Do you enjoy free cell phone ringtones? You’ll get a kick out of this voice that proclaims it is trapped inside your cell phone and needs you to answer your call in order to release it. The humorous, high-pitched voice in “Trapped in the Phone” desperately pleads for you to respond, which makes it the perfect choice to assign as a distinctive ring for your spouse, parent, boss or any other person whose call you definitely don’t want to miss! Free cell phone ringtones are a great way to add fun to your phone while, from a practical perspective, rendering calls immediately identifiable. So, have a heart. Help the poor little guy trapped inside your phone by answering his cry for freedom, won’t you? You’ll not only be helping a fictional character, you’ll be helping yourself…to some fun! Follow the instructions to get this and other free funny ringtones for your cell phone.

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