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South Park Character Timmy

This one of our free download ringtones is a bite from the animated series South Park, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Timmy is a friend of the boys in the show and has a cognitive disability. He can only say his own name, “Timmy.” South Park’s origins are at the University of Colorado. The show got its start in 1991 when then film students Parker and Stone created an animated short film, which they called Jesus versus Frosty. If you are a South Park fan, our popular ringtones are perfect for you. The voice of this wheelchair-bound South Park character is sure to make you smile every time your phone rings. Free download ringtones are an awesome way to announce when particular callers are contacting you. Why should you pay for ringtones when you can get them for free? Follow the instructions to download “South Park Character Timmy” today.

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