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South Park – Cartman Kick Ass

Ever since the creations of Matt Stone and Trey Parker appeared on the TV screen way back in 1997, South Park garnered loyal fans of all ages. Now, Cellware offers free ringtones for US Cellular and other carriers featuring a new ultra-short clip of that show’s incorrigible bad-guy, Eric Cartman. This ringtone has the pint-sized troublemaker saying “Yeah!” as he prepares for kicking ass and taking names.

This option for free ringtones for US Cellular, as well as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and others will no doubt entertain South Park fans any time they receive an incoming call. Take a listen, and think about adding “South Park – Cartman Kick Ass” to your collection by following the simple instructions. Your friends will get a laugh at this loop of the tiny fellow known his trademarked “Respect my Authoritaaaa!”

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