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Signal Telephone Call Router Vintage

If you’re tired of hearing other people’s cell phone ringtones blaring, blasting, rapping, squawking, tweeting, chirping, rocking, chuckling, cackling, buzzing or jamming, then you are going to like this one! Think “dits” and “dahs.” Give up? Think mid 1800s. Still don’t know? Well, check out our many free AT&T ringtones as well as ringtones for other carriers, and you’ll be pleased to discover this ringtone is unique and novel. If you’re wondering how it’s so unique, it’s because it’s really Morse code! You get a lot of calls during the day (and night), and this pleasant notification of your call will be refreshing, rather than obtrusive. Free AT&T ringtones and ringtones for other phones are available immediately from Cellware by following the simple instructions. Get “Signal Telephone Call Router Vintage” and other ringtones free today!

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