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Scary Call

What does your phone say when you get a call from an unknown number? This free ring tone is perfect for your unknown numbers. It’s an imitation of the voice from 1996’s Scream, directed by Wes Craven from a screenplay by Kevin Williamson. Starring Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, the movie takes place in California and tells the story of a masked killer who enjoys torturing his victims by calling their homes. Now you can have the voice from Scream sent to your phone as a free ring tone and set it to ring when an unknown caller or that certain creepy someone calls your phone. Whether you want this ring tone because you’re a Scream fan, a horror movie enthusiast or just want a creepy guy alerting you that you have an unknown number blowing up your phone, this ring tone is for you. Just follow the instructions to download “Scary Call” free!

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