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Nokia Remixes – Old Skool.Wma

This is a variation of some of the other free ringtones for AT&T cell phones and other phones in our library, but with a twist. This track has sonic changes that make it more of a “landscape” sound for your ringing phone.

“Nokia Remixes – Old Skool.wma” starts out with a standard sharp melody line with an interesting bubbling sound on the low end of the register. The beat doesn’t intrude, but keeps chugging along through a neatly tweaked wind-down a few seconds into the track. Then, with the melody notes taking a back seat, everything is a little quieter for a bit until staggered, echoing notes signal the end of the loop.

With all of this going on, this techno-paced ringtone provides a great fast-music option for your collection of free ringtones for AT&T cell phones and other carriers. Just follow the instructions to download to your cell.

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