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Nokia Remixes – House.Wma

What is house music? Every fan has his or her own definition, but most would agree that this is it. This one of our many Nokia 6100 ringtones and ringtones for other phones features the familiar fast track with its synthesized tones blaring from your cell phone in a way that would hardly fail to wake someone from his or her desk. The insistent drumbeat and strident house tune will keep reminding you that there’s somebody on the other end of the line and you need to pick up the call!

Nokia 6100 ringtones and ringtones for other models turn your cell phone into your own personal dance club. The 25-second loop features a neat wind-down at the end just for changing things up a little. If you’re a fan of the house and techno, follow the instructions to add “Nokia Remixes – House.wma” to your collection of music ringtones! Then check out the thousands of other ringtones available at cellware.com!

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