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Nokia Remixes – Dubstep.Wma

Ringtones for cell phones take on completely new directions with Nokia Remixes – Dubstep.wma. This funky Dubstep ringtone uses a monotone pulsing beat that will pump you up every time it alerts you of an incoming call or text. Dubstep is a British Garage genre that surfaced in the late 90s in the UK. The instrumental electronic music uses reverberating drum patterns and overwhelming bass lines. Cool ringtones come about with a pulsing tempo, primarily by using the kick drum around the first and third beat. This sound has generated a lot of interest from the mainstream press. It’s a style related to techno and underground dance music.

This cellware.com ringtone is a great ringtone for your contacts who fit the techno style. Those around you won’t mind your phone ringing with ringtones for cell phones like this! The Dubstep will keep their groove on! Just follow the simple instructions to download “Nokia Remixes – Dubstep.wma” free!

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