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Hiphop Chicken

In today’s uncertain and ever changing economy, it’s hard to squawk at something free, especially for your cell phone, which you carry with you wherever you go and rely on to stay connected. So, don’t be chicken about downloading your free ringtones for AT&T and other carriers.

Take this Hip-Hop Chicken ringtone, for instance. This fowl is far from foul. The rapid, hip-grinding, hand-clapping techno-beat will have you scrambling to find your phone, and the highly sophisticated, well-synthesized sound has a drumbeat so quick it will have your feathers flying! Full of hip-hop rhythm and supersonic techno pop, this free ringtone is easy to download and fun to hear. Cluck—or click—to download. At cellware.com, you can get your free ringtones for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and others every day!

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