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Michael Jackass – Bad Self

Hee-heee! Michael Jackson…make that Michael Jackass…wants you to know it’s time to get out of bed and kiss his bad self! Get funny ringtones like Mike’s here if you want to use the alarm feature of your cell phone and wake up with a laugh. This impersonation hits all the right notes for sleepyheads on the road or in the dorm who don’t want to wake up to annoying buzzes or boring rings. Let Michael Jackass and his bad self give you the kick in the behind you need to rise and shine…or, at least, roll out of bed with a grin. “Michael Jackass – Bad Self” is just one of many funny ringtones that we have available for your enjoyment. Jamon with your bad self! Follow the instructions to get this and other free downloadable ringtones for cell phones today.

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