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Ghana – Full Track National Anthem

Featuring “God Bless Our Homeland Ghana,” the Ghana – Full Track National Anthem is but one of our free ringtones downloads that promote a strong sense of national pride and cultural identification with all things Ghanaian. A happy anthem with a straightforward title, it became a symbolic song in 1957 when Ghana achieved independence. Located on the west coast of Africa, many have dubbed Ghana the “Island of Peace” in a continent that has had so much turmoil and chaos. In addition to a rich musical heritage, one of Ghana’s rich artistic legacies is the development of the Kente Cloth, well known for its patterns and rich colors. Each cloth has its own symbolism.

Ghana became the third African team in history to reach the World Cup quarterfinals. When you get free ringtones downloads of national anthems, you can immerse yourself in the cultures of countries now known because of the World Cup. Follow the simple instructions to download this and other cell phone ringtones today!

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