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If you are a Warner Brothers fan, you are in the right place to find 100% free Verizon ringtones as well as ringtones for other cell phone carriers. This fun one features Elmer Fudd saying, “Be veeeewwwy vewwwwy quiet. I’m looking at your brand new text message.”

Elmer Fudd is a cute little egg-headed Warner Brothers character best known for his escapades with his nemesis Bugs Bunny. Both adorable and idiotic, Elmer is never a match for Bugs and is especially preposterous in his most typical role as a hunter. Arthur Q. Bryan was the original voice of Elmer, and Bryan played Elmer for over two decades. Many completely free ringtones are available for your amusement with just a few clicks of your mouse. Just follow the instructions to download this and more of our 100% free Verizon ringtones and ringtones for other phones.

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