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Old School Hip Hop Beat

Yea-a-ah, we’re kickin’ it old school with some smooth rhythm and blues from rapper Mr. Capone-E. This example of our free legal ringtones sent to your phone will have you bobbing your head to its infectious beat whenever a call comes in to your cell phone. The excerpt is from Mr. Capone’s hot “Light My Fire” that also featured Snoop Dogg and Fingazz. Make sure that, if you assign it to a specific contact, you only award the honor of this one of our free music ringtones to the coolest of your callers. This is R&B and rap fusion at its best, and if your toes don’t start tapping every time you hear this beat, you’d better check to make sure you’re still breathing. Get free legal ringtones sent to your phone like this cool jam and transform every cell phone call into a mini-party! Follow the instructions to download “Old School Hip Hop Beat” today.

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