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Antique European Phone Crank

Are you looking for mobile phone ringtones that remind you of a simpler time? This genuine sound of an old crank-style phone will have you longing for yesteryear. A pleasant ringtone for antique collectors and other fans of a bygone era when technology was just coming into its own and telephones were still considered novelty items. After just one listen to the “ring-a-ling” of this classic ringer, you’ll be looking for the crank on the side of your cell phone. This is just one of the mobile phone ringtones that can transport you to a time before our calls could follow us wherever we go. Bring a little reminder of the early 20th century into the 21st, and enjoy a few moments of simplicity with the Antique European Phone Crank ringtone. Download this and other totally free ringtones by following the simple instructions.

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